If God does exist, he probably lives in the clouds above Singapore. Travelers who have witnessed it refer to this tiny city - sheltered by the Southern extremity of the Malay Peninsula - as the Garden of Eden, one of the most fantastic and magnetic places in the world. It charms its guests with a most peculiar combination of ancient traditions, in perfect fusion with the latest achievements in science and technology, primeval nature and futuristic buildings. History and modernity. Today, this vivid and multi-faceted Singapore, while still one of the top twenty smallest countries in the world, is an incredibly compelling magnet for tourists from all over the world and inexhaustible source of captivating discoveries and entertainment.

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May 28


The Indoor Stadium will host the concert of the legendary British singer, songwriter and author Sting on the 28th of May, 2017. This music celebrity will visit Singapore during his world tour in support of the album "57th & 9th", which was released last fall. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, known professionally as Sting, began his music career in the 1970s as the leader of the band The Police. This band recorded five music disks and performed several dozens of hits. In 1981, Sting left the band; his debut album was released in 1985. It was named "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" and became platinum in the United Kingdom. Sting has been experimenting with music genres recently, recording Renaissance flute tunes, traditional Christmas songs, composed musicals and remixed his works with orchestra. The singer has not produced a rock song since 2003, but he triumphed again in 2016 with the album "57th & 9th". It ranked in the top 10 hits of the world upon its release. Currently, Sting tours the

September 5

Hungry Ghost Festival

As other countries of Southeast Asia, in August Singapore hosts Hungry Ghost Festival. According to the legend, during this month the ‘Gates of Hell’ are opened, so ghosts come out of the lower realm, and may easily wander about the Earth searching for food and entertainment. Therefore every year, Singaporeans hold noisy festivals to please the dead and save mankind from misfortune. During the month, Singaporeans try to ‘feed’ the ghosts. At night, they offer some food at the steps of their houses: it’s common to prepare special sweet bread. Also, people give them directions to the food by lighting it with lanterns. Activities during the holiday itself include burning clothes, jewelry and other fine items made of papier-mâché and paper.

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Church of Saints Peter and Paul

The Roman Catholic Church of Saints Peter and Paul rises above the center of the city business district. It is one of the most interesting architectural constructions in Singapore and has the status of the country’s national monument. The history of its origin is closely bound to the Chinese Catholi

Singapore Art Museum

Opened in 1996, Singapore Art Museum is reckoned among the largest and the most dynamically developing art centers in the Asian region. It has one of the largest collections of Singapore and Southeast Asia contemporary art in the world.
The museum is situated in one of the Singapore’s most beautiful

St. Joseph's Church

The original building of the Roman Catholic St. Joseph's Church, which adorns the city business center for a hundred years now, is considered to be the true architectural miracle and has the status of the monument of national importance. Temple’s history began in the middle of the 19th century, when

Statue of Merlion on Sentosa Island

The giant 37-meter-high Statue of Merlion – the mythic creature with lion head and fish body that became the tourist symbol of Singapore long ago – is one of the most notable sights of the Sentosa Island. It is the modern copy of the 8-meter-high Statue of Merlion installed in the namesake Park on t

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

The Hindu Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, located in the main street of the ethnic district Little India, is one of the oldest and the most important temples in Singapore. It was raised in honor of Perumal – one of the guises of the Hindu god Vishnu – in 1855. Hindus believe that he fights against evi

Lian Shan Shuang Lin Temple

Amazingly beautiful complex Lian Shan Shuang Lin is the oldest Buddhist temple in Singapore that is rightly recognized as one of the country’s most valuable national monuments. Having got this status in the late 20th century, it became the only object of the Buddhist culture in Singapore that is pro

National Orchid Garden

National Orchid Garden, stretching over one of the highest hills in Singapore Botanical Gardens, is reckoned among state’s key sights and is rightly considered its national heritage. Over a million and a half tourists from all over the world visit it yearly.
Singapore Garden’s collection of live orc

The Night Safari

The Nature Park Night Safari, adjoined to Singapore Zoo, grants an amazing opportunity to walk through night jungle and plunge into mysterious world of wild nature. It is a true tropical forest, where over one hundred different animal species live on the territory of 40 hectares in as close to natur

The National Museum of Singapore

Despite the National Museum is the oldest one in Singapore, it is reckoned among the most progressive museum facilities in the country. It is situated in the downtown, in the very beautiful historical building, raised in Neo-Classical style and crowned with stained-glass cupola. Museum’s rich exposi