The Night Safari
The Nature Park Night Safari, adjoined to Singapore Zoo, grants an amazing opportunity to walk through night jungle and plunge into mysterious world of wild nature. It is a true tropical forest, where over one hundred different animal species live on the territory of 40 hectares in as close to natural conditions as possible. There are no cages: animals are separated from each other and from park’s

Pulau Ubin Island
The small Pulau Ubin Island, located just a half kilometer away from Singapore’s northeast coast, is the direct opposite of loud and filled with resort extravagances Sintosa Island. Today, it is probably the only area of the rapidly developing state that managed to avoid urbanization and preserved the luxury of the primeval nature. It is a paradise for those who prefer quiet and tranquil recreatio

Sentosa Island
The resort Sentosa Island is located to the east from Singapore Island and is recognized as a center of entertainment that embodies the idea of ideal recreation. It has everything necessary for this: three-kilometer-long stripe of luxurious beaches, fashionable hotels, breathtaking park amusements, unique thematic parks and historical attractions. Once, real sea pirates lived on Sentosa Island, la

Haw Par Villa
Haw Par Villa is one of the most unusual theme parks in the city. Singaporeans nickname it as Chinese Disneyland. Over a thousand peculiar sculptures and a hundred and a half impressive dioramas, depicting characters from Chinese folklore and legends and highlighting different historical events and aspects of Confucianism, are collected here. Haw Par Villa might look not as modern as the majority

Gardens By The Bay
The unusual architectural and landscape complex Gardens By The Bay is one of the newest and certainly the most original Singapore sights. This futuristic botanical garden that combines naturalness and modern technologies was opened on the Marina Bay coast, in summer 2012. Its huge area of 101 hectares has several thematic gardens with waterfalls and pools, two technological greenhouses with exotic

Jurong Bird Park
The Singapore Bird Park, located in the modern industrial quarter Jurong to the west from downtown, is the largest ornithological park in the Asian region. Its 20-hectare-large territory is inhabited by more than 5000 birds of 380 species, brought from all over the world. About 850 thousand tourists visit the Singapore Bird Park yearly. Most of park’s birds are species from Southeast Asia, however

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom on Sintosa Island is a spectacular tropical garden, where over 1500 butterflies of 50 species, 3000 interesting insects and dozens of exotic birds’ species live in natural conditions. It was created on state’s initiative in order to preserve unique representatives of local fauna who lost their natural habitation due to industrial deforestation. The park consists of

Fort Canning Park
Fort Canning Park, stretching around the namesake hill in Singapore’s very center, is one of the most interesting parks in the city. It attracts with the huge number of historical artifacts from different epochs, amazing landscapes, unusual museums an exhibition halls. Once upon a time, the hill was ancient city’s center, in which Malay rulers’ palaces were situated. Even centuries later, the loca

National Orchid Garden
National Orchid Garden, stretching over one of the highest hills in Singapore Botanical Gardens, is reckoned among state’s key sights and is rightly considered its national heritage. Over a million and a half tourists from all over the world visit it yearly. Singapore Garden’s collection of live orchids is the largest one in the world. About 60 000 specimen of these fabulously beautiful plants, in

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