MacRitchie Reservoir Park
The MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a plot of primeval tropical forest that surrounds the namesake water body, which is the oldest reservoir in Singapore. It is a sort of gates to the Central Nature Reserve – the largest one in the country with the square of 2000 hectares. Well-equipped pedestrian paths run through park’s whole territory. These block pavements stretch along MacRitchie Reservoir and p

Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo is rightly recognized as one of the largest, most beautiful and most progressive zoos in the world. It is reckoned among the city most visited parks: over a million and a half visitors come here yearly. The concept of the so called open zoo, according to which animals are kept in the conditions as close to natural as possible, is implemented in Singapore. There are no habitual cages

The Chinese and Japanese Gardens
Amazed tourists call the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, stretching across two islands in the middle of the artificial lake Jurong, one of the most beautiful corners in Singapore, and locals consider them an ideal place for leisurely strolls. The Chinese Garden occupies the area of 13 hectares and is the largest object of this kind outside China. In 1975, famous Taiwanese architect designed it using

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a large area of primeval tropical forest that remained from the huge green mass, which used to cover almost the whole territory of Singapore island two centuries ago. It is located within the city boundary, just 12 kilometers away from its business center. Founded in 1883, the Bukit Timah was one of the first forest reserves, created in Singapore. Today, it is one

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Luxurious botanic gardens adjoined to Singapore central trade square Orchard Road is reckoned among country’s most famous and visited sights: several millions tourists visit it yearly. Having the largest collection of tropical plants, the Singapore Gardens, are rightly considered the leading equatorial botanic gardens in the world. Quite recently periodical ‘Time’ awarded it the title of ‘the best

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