Tamarind Hill
The restaurant Tamarind Hill is situated in colonial bungalow, built in the early 20th century in Singapore park area. It gives an opportunity to enjoy dainty cuisine in outstanding atmosphere. Both classical and modern Thai dishes are served here. Tamarind Hill’s specialties include tom yam soup, grilled Wagyu beef, foie gras with curry and lobster under tamarind sauce. The restaurant offers a go

The original restaurant Shiraz, situated in Clarke Quay area, offers to plunge into atmosphere of Arabian East and to taste authentic dishes, while watching the bustle of the big city. Restaurant's menu is based on Persian cuisine. Skilled chefs cook meat and seafood, served with basmati rice and fragrant oriental spices. An extensive bar list and a special hookah offer are at guests’ disposal.

The restaurant Carousel, situated on Royal Plaza On Scotts Hotel’s territory not far from Singapore Botanic Gardens, offers wide selection of dishes, modest atmosphere and excellent service. Facility’s chef has developed a menu that includes Mediterranean and Oriental dishes. Gastronomic accent is made on fish and seafood, whose assortment surprises even the most demanding gourmet. The restaurant

Lawry's The Prime Rib
The restaurant Lawry's The Prime Rib, situated in the very heart of Orchard Road, is notable for appetizing cuisine, original décor and impeccable service. Steaks from the best veal sorts are at the heart of restaurant’s menu. The meat assortment is supplemented by wide selection of traditional American and seafood dishes. Visitors can take seats either in the large main room with total capacity f

Oscar’s Café & Terrace
Oscar’s Café & Terrace is situated on the territory of Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore downtown. It fortunately combines varied cuisine, pleasant interior and unobtrusive atmosphere. The facility specializes on international cuisine. Meat dishes and seafood, wide selection of salads, sauces and desserts are at guests’ disposal. Oscar’s Café features à la carte menu, breakfasts, lunches, Sunda

Tippling Club
The restaurant and bar Tippling Club is located in the Singapore picturesque corner, where it is possible to hide from the fuss of the large city and enjoy marvelous sceneries, unusual dishes and tasty cocktails. The facility offers a wide selection of international dishes that surprise not only with unusual taste, but also with original serving. In addition to main menu, there are special offers:

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
The steak house CUT by Wolfgang Puck, situated on Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s territory, is an ideal combination of tasty cuisine, first-class service and unforgettable atmosphere. Premium class steaks from the meat of the best pedigree Angus and Wagyu cows are at menu’s heart. The specialties include Kobe beef ribs that are cooked for eight hours and are served with cauliflower curry puree, and lobs

Flutes at the Fort
The restaurant Flutes at the Fort is situated in the colonial black-and-white bungalow in historical place – National Museum of Singapore. Facility’s menu is based on Australian dishes, cooked from ingredients that are delivered from Australia. The restaurant has a rich wine list of the New and the Old World with vivid Australian and New Zealand dominant. Restaurant’s guests can make themselves c

Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House
Luke's Oyster Bar & Chop House, embodying the best European traditions and new American trends, is located in Singapore downtown. Oyster Bar’s menu is based on seafood, and in the first place, on oysters, brought from New England, Australia and New Zealand. Chop House, on the other hand, serves the best steaks and cutlets from meat delivered directly from the USA. Restaurant’s large wine list feat

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