Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso, situated in the western part of Sentosa Island, is the only coastal artillery battery in Singapore that has survived until now. It was built by Britons in the late 19th century. After the opening of the Suez Channel, in 1869, Singapore found itself in the center of the trade route between Europe and Asia, acquired strategic importance and needed protection. For this purpose, the open

Fountain of Wealth
Fountain of Wealth is one of those Singapore symbols that stuck in tourist’s mind most of all. In 1998, it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountain in the world: the giant almost 14-meter-high construction weighing 85 tons occupies an area of 1683 square meters. The Fountain of Wealth is situated on the territory of the country’s largest complex Suntec City that consists

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
The Esplanade complex, situated along the coast of the Marina Bay, is one of the largest and the most famous cultural centers in Asia. Its unusual building is called Singapore’s architectural miracle and is reckoned among the city brightest trademarks. The Esplanade building is shaped as two glass semi-spheres, covered with multitude of mini-tents that protect complex’s premises from burning sun r

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
The building complex of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is considered to be one of the brightest samples of Singapore colonial architecture. It consists of two constructions raised in Victorian style with a difference of 40 years and connected with each other by the clock tower. In 1992, both buildings, formerly known as the Town Hall and the Memorial Hall, were granted the status of national mo

The Arts House at the Old Parliament
The Old Parliament building standing in the city historical center is the oldest administrative building in Singapore and has the status of the country national monument. It was built, however, for quite different purposes: construction was ordered by Scottish merchant John Argyle Maxwell who decided to set up a mansion in Singapore. To carry out residence’s building, the influential tradesman hir

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
The situated in the city’s colonial part Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is the oldest catholic temple in Singapore, and its elegant light building in Renaissance style is an architectural monument of national importance. The Catholic community started to form in Singapore back in the early 19th century, when it officially became a colony of the British Empire and turned into one of the busiest Asi

Tiger Sky Tower
Situated in Sentosa Island’s western part, Singapore Tiger Sky Tower is the highest observation tower in Asia. This entertaining park amusement allows enjoying panoramic views of the island from the height of 131 meters above sea level. Air-conditioned, rotating glass car that can accommodate up to 72 people gradually slides up along tower’s vertical column to the height of a 50-storey house. Havi

Gardens By The Bay
The unusual architectural and landscape complex Gardens By The Bay is one of the newest and certainly the most original Singapore sights. This futuristic botanical garden that combines naturalness and modern technologies was opened on the Marina Bay coast, in summer 2012. Its huge area of 101 hectares has several thematic gardens with waterfalls and pools, two technological greenhouses with exotic

Amusement Park Universal Studios
The Amusement Park Universal Studios is located on the territory of the unique resort complex Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island and is the largest theme park in the Southeast Asia. It consists of seven separate zones, whose design is based on movies and cartoons that were issued by Hollywood Universal Studio at different times. Each theme zone has its own original park amusements and numerou

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