The restaurant Iggy's, situated on The Hilton Hotel’s second floor, is considered to be one of the best ones not only in Singapore, but in the whole Southeast Asia. International cuisine and seasonal menu are two main characteristics of its gastronomic offer. The restaurant has several types of menu: main, vegetarian and dietary. There is a wide wine list, where you can easily navigate with the he

Situated on the ground floor of the Fairmont Singapore Hotel, the restaurant Prego is a symbiosis of tasty cuisine and excellent service. Facility’s menu is based on homemade Italian cuisine: antipasti, tender lamb leg with olives and vegetables, calamari with tartar sauce, risotto and pizza. There is an extensive wine list. Cozy room designed as an Italian trattoria is at guests’ disposal.

PS. Café
The cozy PS. Café is situated in the bungalow amongst lush vegetation on Dempsey Hill and entices visitors into homemade pastries and sweets. In addition huge assortment of desserts, tarts, pies, and cakes, the cafe offers a large selection of soups, salads, first courses, as well as business lunches. There are coffee and tea lists. PS. Café’s guests can take seats either in the inner room with an

Rang Mahal
Founded in 1971, the Singapore downtown restaurant Rang Mahal still pleases its guests with original dishes, fine service and unobtrusive atmosphere. Facility specializes on Indian cuisine. The daintiest dishes are oysters and lamb, baked in tandoor, salmon tikka, and smoked eggplants. Rang Mahal is also known for its extensive vegetarian menu and bar list. Restaurant’s guests can take seats in ma

Tamarind Hill
The restaurant Tamarind Hill is situated in colonial bungalow, built in the early 20th century in Singapore park area. It gives an opportunity to enjoy dainty cuisine in outstanding atmosphere. Both classical and modern Thai dishes are served here. Tamarind Hill’s specialties include tom yam soup, grilled Wagyu beef, foie gras with curry and lobster under tamarind sauce. The restaurant offers a go

Blu Bar
Blu Bar, situated on the 24th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, features appetizing dishes, cozy atmosphere and high-class service. Facility’s menu is based on dainty French dishes that can be set off with wine, champagne or cocktail from bar’s impressive assortment. A room with large panoramic windows, through which one can enjoy breathtaking city views, is at guests’ disposal. Jazz bands regularly

Waku Ghin
The restaurant Waku Ghin, situated in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is officially recognized as one of the best restaurants in Asia. European and Japanese cuisines are at menu’s heart. Chef’s specialties are marinated shrimps with sea urchin and caviar and Wagyu steaks with wasabi and soy sauce. The restaurant has an impressive wine cellar, featuring 3 000 bottles of wine. Main room with a capacity

The restaurant and bar Serenity is located in the shopping and entertainment center VivoCity and features an authentic cuisine, friendly atmosphere and colorful shows. Tapas, paella, fideua, baked suckling pig are just a small part of Spanish dishes, presented in restaurant’s menu. Facility’s bar offers a range of rare Spanish wines (more than 120 titles) and 24 kinds of sangria and other traditio

The original restaurant Shiraz, situated in Clarke Quay area, offers to plunge into atmosphere of Arabian East and to taste authentic dishes, while watching the bustle of the big city. Restaurant's menu is based on Persian cuisine. Skilled chefs cook meat and seafood, served with basmati rice and fragrant oriental spices. An extensive bar list and a special hookah offer are at guests’ disposal.

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