Saint Andrew's Cathedral
The elegant snow-white building standing in the city business center and noticeably contrasting with neighboring ultramodern skyscrapers belongs to the Saint Andrew's Cathedral – the largest Anglican temple in Singapore. Thanks to its beautiful architecture and historical value, it has the status of country’s national monument and is considered one of its key sights. The Saint Andrew's Cathedral h

Masjid Jamae
The situated in Chinese Quarter original mosque Masjid Jamae is the first mosque built in Singapore. Thanks to its untypical for Islamic architecture shape, it was given a status of the national monument and entered in the list of city-state’s main attractions. The Masjid Jamae, also known as the Large Mosque, was founded by Tamil Muslims, who came in Singapore, the same as most other nations, in

The Chinese and Japanese Gardens
Amazed tourists call the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, stretching across two islands in the middle of the artificial lake Jurong, one of the most beautiful corners in Singapore, and locals consider them an ideal place for leisurely strolls. The Chinese Garden occupies the area of 13 hectares and is the largest object of this kind outside China. In 1975, famous Taiwanese architect designed it using

Armenian Church
The Armenian Church of the St Gregory the Illuminator, whose elegant building stands in the city very center, is reckoned among the state’s most important historical monuments. It is the oldest Christian temple in Singapore and one of the two Armenian churches, preserved in the South-Eastern Asia. Recently, the building of the Cathedral of St Gregory the Illuminator was given a status of national

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