Water Amusement Park Wild Wild Wet
Wild Wild Wet, situated within 10-minute walk from the Pasir Ris Park, is one of the largest theme water parks in Singapore that got the World Water Park Innovation Award. Its area of more than 20 thousand square meters features dozens of breathtaking water rides. The most popular ones are the Waterworks, a kind of water slalom, whose twisted track with crazy turns runs through caves; Ular-Lah, de

Gogreen Segway®
Gogreen Segway® is unique amusement ride for the whole family that offers an opportunity to make fascinating trip on the two-wheeled vehicles Segway Personal Transporters. Novices who have no experience in driving these electric scooters choose a simplified option Segway® Fun Ride that allows mastering this two-wheeled wonder vehicle over a short time and making a lively trip along the Gogreen rou

Skyline Luge Sentosa
The amusement ride Skyline Luge Sentosa is simultaneously reminiscent of sledging downhill and of carting. It is the only park amusement of this kind in the Southeast Asia that is accessible for all ages. Two routes are equipped here: the 650-meter-long Path in the Jungle and the 688-meter-long Dragon Path. The passengers are offered to descent them in unusual vehicles resembling sleds with steeri

G-Max Reverse Bungy
The park amusement G-Max Reverse Bungy, situated on the Clarke Quay, was developed and built specially for extreme sensations lovers. Special ropes stretched between two giant towers shoot a steel capsule with passengers on board up to the height of 60 meters at a speed of 200 km/h. There are two capsules: for three and for five people. They differ in flying trajectory and impressions that they gr

Snow City
Visiting Snow City that is located near the Science Center is one of the most popular entertainments in Singapore with its hot climate. Tired from Singapore heat tourists long for coolness, and local residents, in whose country the temperature never goes below +19°C, look for an opportunity to see real winter. Snow City is Singapore’s first indoor ice palace with the area of 3 000 square meters, w

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