Singapore International Festival of Arts


Duration: 38 дней

The Singapore International Festival of Arts is one of the most anticipated and largest cultural events in South-East Asia. This festival is traditionally held in the middle of the year and offers hundreds of events, which range from street art shows to public movie screenings, theatrical performances, music concerts and dance shows.

The festival was established back in 1977 to promote cooperation and cultural unity of different ethnic groups in Singapore. It managed to become the leading cultural event thereafter, gathering tens of thousands of visitors from all around the globe. Currently, the Singapore International Festival of Arts welcomes both amateurs and reputed stars from Asia, Europe and America.

Although the festival includes a plethora of interesting events, it still pays much attention to singing and dance, in addition to literature and fine arts. For six weeks various concert venues in Singapore will play host to spectacular dance shows, movie screenings, art exhibitions, theater shows, concerts and meetings with artists.

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